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Bruce Lee

Prominent and pioneering actors, leaders, politicians, athletes, business people, authors, film directors and other important people that have shaped the Asian Pacific American communities.

Read about some of these people listed and others to be surprised at the many contributions that they have made..

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Daniel Inouye

Daniel Inouye

Read our monthly updates that cover the latest news (i.e. politics, film openings, community issues, census figures, hate crimes, music artists, theater, etc.) and other important issues that are related to the US Asians communities.

Our definition of a "US Asians" is as follows:

  • Asian and born in the U.S.
  • Born in Asia, but raised in the U.S.
  • Born in Asia, but conducts most of his/her business in the U.S.

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Bridge to the Sun
Bridge to the Sun
Uncover films that have played a prominent role in shaping the US Asian image in the general public's eye.

Trail-blazing films within the US Asians (Asian Pacific American) communities have included the following movies:

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Picture of Vincent Chin
Vincent Chin

Discover the many unique stories on various important issues (literature, sports, politics, mail order brides, etc.) and prominent people. (Kiana Tom, Alexis Oo, Dalip Saund, etc.) that provide intimate insights to the passions that drives the Asian Pacific American communities.

Read the words from people from throughout the APA communities.

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WOO Hong Neok in a Union uniform. Courtesy of Dr. Thomas P. Lowry, Michael Musick and Gordon Kwok
Civil War Soldier

Since the 1400's to the present, the Asian Pacific American communities's history has been filled with overcoming many obstacles such as not having the ability to vote, to own land, to marry, fighting in wars (i.e. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean, etc.), to testify in court and citizenship?

Uncover the details behind many of these events that are not often told in American history books..

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Gorillaz with Don TERMINATOR Nakamura, Kid Koala and others


YoYo Ma, Linkin Park, Norah Jones, Hiroshima, P.O.D., Gorrillaz (w/Don "The Terminator" & Nakamura, Kid Koala) and other artists. confirms that there is a growing pool of amazing and successful music talents that exists within the Asian Pacific American communities.

Learn about the many other prominent and signed music artists that exists the US Asians (Asian Pacific American) communities.

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Better Luck Tomorrow
This monthly poll highlights prominent and upcoming Asian Pacific American films.

Within this section, the latest news, resources, and other film-related information can be reviewed - such as the success of Justin Lin's "Better Luck Tomorrow" and other films.

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There are a vast number of US Asian (Asian Pacific American) resources that are available throughout the United States.

Within this section, discover the many media, advocacy, theater, film, music, community and political resources that have been in existence for many years.

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Various talented and upcoming music artists from the US Asians (Asian Pacific American) music communities are featured in this section.

In addition, read about other music-related information and vote for your favorite artist in the "Music Poll."

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East West Players

If you have information that has shaped US Asians/Asian Pacific American communities' identity - along with their imagery within the general public eyes, etc. in the categories listed below:

  • Important Events
  • Films
  • Music Artists
  • Strategic Community Issue
  • Overlooked Achievements
  • Upcoming Legislation
  • Upcoming Artists
  • Media Diversity Issues
  • Prominent Athletes

please feel free to list your thoughts within this section.

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James Wong Howe

Various US Asians (Asian Pacific American) artists have won various awards such as Oscars, Grammys, Nobel Prize, etc. Some examples include:

  • Rabindranath Tagore won the 1913 Nobel Laureate in Literature
  • Miyoshi Umeki won the "Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1957
  • James Wong Howe won an Oscar in 1955 & 1963
  • Richard Chew - won an Oscar in 1975
  • Steven Okazaki won as Oscar in in 1990 and
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon won various Oscars in 2001.

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Yao Ming

We welcome any and all comments regarding the information posted within the various sections of this website.

In acknowledging that the US Asians (Asian Pacific American communities consists of a complicated tapestry of distinctly unique communities, it is our goal to be represent in a factual fashion each of their perspectives..

As a result, we have discussed very diverse subjects of interest from diversity, to Asian female fetishes, to the Hawaiian identity, hate crimes, celebrities, opera, concert/film reviews, interviews, etc.

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